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Kynetykon Pocket Blanket for Camping and Hiking Video Review

Kynetykon Pocket Blanket Camping & Hiking Gear – Ultralight Waterproof Outdoor Mat | 55″x70″ | Ideal for all Outdoor Activities: Beach, Picnic, Park, Festivals, Sports | Rain Cover & Sun Tarp

RELAX, DON’T STRESS: when going out for fun and relaxation, you don’t need to stress about those big and heavy classic blankets. Just grab ours and go out! It’s all you need to BE FREE & ON THE MOVE!

Kynetykon Multipurpose Pocket Blanket is a product which will ensure durability and suitability for any type of outdoor activity including spending time at the beach.
It not only gives you the ease to carry it around but allows you to fold it within a few seconds. You have a printed guide included in the package, which will aid you in folding it in just a few steps.
The drawstring bag with clip carabiner make it easier to take it with you wherever you travel.
The blanket is large and provides convenience and comfort for your family. You have the opportunity to stretch and read a book, take a nap or just simply relax enjoying the view of the ocean.
The blanket is not only sand proof like any other ordinary beach mat but is also waterproof.
The product ensures 100% manufacturer warranty and you have the convenience of returning it within 30 days with a refund if you are not satisfied with it.

When you`re having fun outdoors or in need for protection, you`ll be glad to have chosen our small beach gear and picnic Pocket Blanket!
Like when having fun at the beach, at a picnic, when hiking, trekking, cycling or climbing.
You can also use it as ground or car seat cover, pet blanket, at various sports events, the kids soccer games, festivals and concerts, or backyard BBQs.
You can protect very well your belongings from dust or moisture, if get caught outside in unfriendly weather.
We often use it to cover ourselves, the backpacks and the bikes, when making short trips on the hills but don’t have any shelter near and the rain suddenly starts.

But how about protection when you are in real need, like when repairing your car or your bicycle? You will find it very useful as a working surface and you will save your clothing!
What is the best protection? The one you have with you! And the Kynetykon Pocket Blanket it`s simply a must-have small and light equipment for whenever you need protection!

Don`t trust our word, order it while supplies last and convince yourself of that!