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Should you buy a Decathlon tent? Forclaz MT900 backpacking tent review!

The Forclaz MT 900 camping tent prices ₤ 199 as well as evaluates 1.95 kg. In it’s jam-packed kind the dimension is 39cm x 12cm x 12cm which indicates it will certainly suit any kind of backpacking bag.

Formally this outdoor tents is called the Forclaz Trekking Dome Tent 2P MT900 discovered below

Below is my testimonial of the honor winning Decathlon camping tent. The Decathlon MT900 camping tent strikes the best equilibrium of expense, dimension and also weight.

If you are 6ft you will certainly be able to rest up in it, the Decathlon MT 900 outdoor tents is 106cm high definition. Both individual outdoor tents is 205cm long, once more ideal for high individuals.

This is a 3 period outdoor tents with some strong mesh near the bottom and also great deals of slim mesh on top. This is ideal for warmer climate however needs to be prevented in winter season.

This is what they claim:

With its dome framework (dual Y), the camping tent supplies useful as well as optimum area: With 4 pockets, 2 doors and also 2 verandas secured by 2 knapsacks as much as 50-70 L. Separate flysheet as well as bed room.

Made and also created in the French Alps, this self-standing 3-season 2-person camping tent provides convenience and also area and also is extremely light-weight and also small.

Overall weight 1.95 kg
Separable components to assist transport.
Flysheet 550 g.
Bedroom 660 g.
Pole package 500 g.
Pegs (12 items) 120 g.
Bags 60 g + 13 g.
Guy ropes (6 items) 30 g.
Repair package (ferrule) 20 g.

Size as well as living room.
Bed room size 210 centimeters.
Bed room size 125 centimeters to the head as well as 105 centimeters to the feet.
Room elevation 100 centimeters.
Overall elevation 110 centimeters.

2 side patios around 70 centimeters vast as well as safeguarded by an integrated sheet which sanctuaries your tools from the sunlight as well as negative weather condition. There is storage room for 2 knapsacks approximately about 70 litres.
4 pockets (2 side and also 2 top) to maintain as well as arrange your valuables. Rope loopholes.

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Dome dual Y form: the major post divides right into 4 feet on each edge for a self-standing framework. Leading post supplies quantity and also consequently ability.

Many thanks, Andy.

Right here is my testimonial of the honor winning Decathlon camping tent. This is the Forclaz MT900 camping tent. This is the top of the array Decathlon backpacking outdoor tents. The Decathlon MT900 outdoor tents strikes the ideal equilibrium of weight, dimension as well as expense. This is a 2 individual outdoor tents tapered to fit 2 resting floor coverings.


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Style, outdoor tents posts as well as outdoor tents fixes.
Light-weight, shock as well as frost immune aluminium post: 7001 T6 Yunan SD70PF Ø 9 mm aluminium.
Optimised square outdoor tents secures: “anvil” head, extra-large almost all, light-weight as well as incredibly immune (7075 T6 aluminium). Non-anodised for a reduced ecological influence.